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Mask Parade ($87 Value)

Mask Parade ($87 Value)

now C$64.00

Never a dull moment

A flamboyance of flamingos! A leap of leopards! A parade of…masks! This travel-size trio cares for your skin like it's family.

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A Note

When it was time to create the holiday collection, I kept coming back to the heart of Drunk Elephant—how we nurture, protect, and care for the skin. They’re the same themes that have always reminded me of animals and the nurturing, protective, and soothing instincts in the natural world. This collection is sort of a love letter to all the families and prides and mamas and cubs out there—and the idea that we have so much to learn from animals. Let’s start by taking care of ourselves and each other. Have a great holiday season.

XX, Tiffany


Mask Parade ($87 Value)

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